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Type of Cover

Life insurance is used to provide a form of financial security to people who depend on you in the event that you die suddenly or unexpectedly.

Lifeinsurance4mums works with specialist life insurance advisors who will be able to discuss your particular circumstances in detail and advise on the type and level of cover which best suits your particular circumstances.

The most common form of life insurance is term insurance, or assurance of which there are two basic types:

Level Term

Provides a fixed lump sum

Level term life insurance pays out an agreed lump sum in the event of your death during a specified time frame. The level of cover you have will remain the same for the duration of your policy.

Decreasing Term

Designed to protect your mortgage payments

Decreasing life insurance policies are generally used for insuring the outstanding balance of repayment mortgages in the event that you die before the balance is settled. For this reason decreasing term life insurance policies are sometimes referred to as mortgage protection policies or mortgage life insurance.

When purchasing a decreasing term life insurance policy you choose the amount of cover you require and the length of the plan, the payments you make will remain the same over the term of the policy but the cash lump sum will reduce to reflect your decreasing mortgage balance.

Not sure what you need?

Before purchasing any form of life insurance you should speak to a qualified life insurance advisor. Lifeinsurance4mums makes this easy, simply fill the form to the right and we will have a specialist advisor call you back who will be able to discuss your particular circumstances, explain to you the options available and advise on the level of cover you require.